Cut Your Wedding Costs

Wedding are jovial events full of color and happiness. Most of the times we go at great lengths to make the wedding as awesome as possible and in the end we make them too expensive and with a lot of unnecessary things. We are going to review creative ways to reduce your wedding costs for those who haven’t yet married.

Ways of cutting wedding costs hence enable you to save money will be highlighted. Some of the exquisite ways to cut wedding costs include:

1. Buying a dress that fits you.

this is an exquisite way to save and cut wedding costs. If you plan to cut weight before the wedding, make sure you buy the wedding dress after you have cut your weight and not before you cut your weight.

2. Wear family jewelry.

You don’t need to buy new jewelry just because you are having a wedding yet your family jewelry is still in perfect condition. You can save and cut wedding costs by opting not to buy new jewelry.

3. You can do your own makeup and hair.

Unless you are planning to do something too complicated, you can do your own makeup and hair. You don’t need to call professional to do your hair, you can look and search for ideas from wedding magazines.

4. Print your own invitations.

No need to hire someone to print your invitations as there are a multitude of paper packages and programs that are exquisite and enable you to create your own invitations.

5. Use thermotherapy.

If you are a couple that loves engraved invitations, you can consider using thermotherapy.

6. Post card replies.

You can use a post card instead of a reply card on your envelope as this will enable you to cut costs and hence enable you to save.

7. Buy silk flowers.

Real flowers are more expensive compared to silk flowers and also you won’t have to worry about making sure they remain alive hence it will greatly enable you to cut on your wedding costs hence enable you to save.

“When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great.”